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Walrus Audio
Walrus Audio
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  • Versatile tone-sculpting pedal for electric guitar
  • 3 rotary knobs to boost/cut low, mid, and high frequencies
  • Boost switch engages a 10dB MOSFET boost
  • Rugged die-cast enclosure
  • Requires 9-volt, 100mA-minimum power supply (sold separately)
  • Analog phaser effects pedal
  • Relay-based true bypass switching with soft switch
  • Selectable 4- or 6-stage phasing for 2 distinct voicings
  • D-P-V knob ranges from no effect, through phasing, all the way to vibrato
  • Rugged die-cast enclosure for long-term durability
  • Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar
  • 3 distinct reverb modes — Dark, Rise, and Dream
  • Pitch modulation with 3 different waveshapes — Sine, Warp, and Sink
  • Sustain switch turns up reverb decay time until you release the switch
  • Bypass switch offers both on/off latching operation and momentary operation
  • Switchable trails mode determines whether reverb tail decays naturally after disengaging the effect
  • Generates huge atmospheric effects without overwhelming your core sound
  • Power supply not included — isolated power supply recommended