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Seymour Duncan
Seymour Duncan
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Make the maggots squirm with Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson’s signature active humbucker set for 6 -string guitars.


Merciless high-output passive humbucker pickups created for the most frigid Black Metal, Death Metal, or any other extreme style. As brutal as the Scandinavian Winter.

  • Calibrated set of neck and bridge pickups for six-string guitars
  • Ceramic bar magnet
  • 4-conductor hook-up
  • Old English Seymour Duncan logo

Forged to fathom the deepest of metal tunings, the Nazgûl and Sentient Set’s searing highs, grinding mids and tight bass define modern metal.


Whether run clean or through the filthiest of high gain channels, the Sentient neck offers the articulation demanded by modern metal players.


A calibrated set of the most faithful PAF’s available (SH-55), built exactly the way Seth Lover intended for a smooth and sweet tone.


High output with a huge sound, this unique humbucker has a look and sound like no other pickup. Loud, vicious, and unapologetic.

  • Humbucking design in single-coil-sized
  • Neck position
  • Ceramic magnet
  • High output
  • Great for heavy tones
  • Four conductor wire

Like its big brother, this lil savage combines a big, open sound with just a subtle hint of glass, and brings screamin’ rich harmonics with percussive power.

  • For passive basses
  • 2 Band
  • Including volume, pan, and a switchable "Slap Contour" preset