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Ernie Ball
Ernie Ball
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  • Mondo Slinky strings are ideal for players who prefer a heavier low end with only a slight difference in tension on the plain strings.
  • Gauges .0105, .0135, .0175, .030, .042, .052
  • Slash’s preferred .011–.048 string gauges
  • Limited-edition 3-pack set in a collectible embossed tin box
  • Advanced Paradigm technology for unmatched durability, feel, and tone
  • Allows for extreme trem-arm abuse without breaking
  • Rust- and break-resistant strings for electric guitar
  • Perfect for aggressive players and frequent travelers
  • Potentiometer's 250k ohm resistance is perfect for passive instruments
  • Smooth operation
  • Rugged construction (stainless steel pivot shaft and springs, Kevlar cable)
  • Micro Taper switch lets you choose between two different swell rates
  • Dimensions: 3-12" W x 10" L x 2-3/8" H

CRL Strat style pickup selector switch Includes white and black switch tips.

  • 500k split shaft instrument potentiometer
  • Includes nut, lock, and dress washer

Strat 250k split shaft instrument potentiometer 1/4 bushing length.


*Picks not included

  • 12 x 12-inch gray Microfiber polish cloth with stitched edging. Washable.
  • Securely lock your guitar onto your guitar strap
  • 360 degree secure connection
  • Sturdy nickel-plated steel
  • Made from black oxide finished steel 
  • Complete 360 degree secure connection
  • Robust mechanics providing maximum durability
  • Set of 2
  • Pilot hole: 7/64" Diameter, 1 1/2" Deep
  • Securely lock your guitar onto your guitar strap
  • 360 degree secure connection
  • Sturdy gold-plated steel
  • 20' instrument cable made from high-quality components
  • Dual conductors yield ultra-clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics
  • Multiple shielding materials preserve your signal
  • Durable PVC jacket exterior ensures a lifetime of reliable use
  • Connect multiple digital and analog pedals with complete electrical isolation
  • Regulated 9 and 18 Volt DC outputs
  • Extremely reliable noise free operation
  • Measuring just 90 x 59 x 23mm, this power supply’s compact size allows for easy placement on pedalboards
  • Universal AC-adapter and DC Power cables included
  • Compact housing with LED indicators for each input or output
  • Standard replacement input jack for electric guitars and basses
  • 1/4" mono female input jacks
  • Tin plated brass terminal with glass fiber insulator
  • Adhesive free Lightweight thermoplastic leaving no residue
  • Instant access to your pick
  • Perfect for various finger/ plectrum performance techniques
  • Adheres to instrument in seconds
  • Never lose your pick again